How to Use our Discount Code

Occasionally, we issue what we call DISCOUNT CODES.  You can find this in our banners or get it from your email during special promotions or when you receive your receipt after completing a transaction.
Here's a familiar example:
These discount codes or coupon codes  are used to reduce prices for your purchases (i.e. 10% OFF all purchases, 20% OFF on all orders above P2,000 or P250 OFF on your first order). We can also issue codes that can provide free shipping . Discount codes are temporary features of our store and are only available at a limited period of time.
However, this is not automatic. All discount codes are applied to your purchases ONLY if you type it in during checkout. 

To do this, you just have to follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1:

Choose the items that you love. Pick your size and favorite color then click ADD TO CART. When you're done shopping, go to your shopping cart and click checkout.

Step 2: 

Type your required information. Don't forget to type the discount code (ex.i_LOVE_CURVES_14) in the discount box to avail of the special discount. Click APPLY to show the discounted price.

Step 3:

Fill in the other required info, settle your payment and you're done!
Again, this feature is available during a limited period only. So all discount codes that are expired or currently inactive cannot be used.
So try it out. Shop now and enter your discount code during checkout and see what happens. 
If you have more questions regarding this topic, you may contact us at